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Message posted by Magoo on March 26, 2000 at 23:49:33 EST:

I agree that weather conditions and poor pilot skills were certainly major factors, but the aircraft was also a very unforgiving beast and didn't tolerate fools lightly! If, for example, you got one into a flat spin or a low altitude stall, it was 'good night nurse!'

Also, the narrow undercarriage resulted in many landing accidents. The result was usually a write-off due to the high landing speeds and the habit of the the aircraft breaking its back if the uc collapsed.

It was however, very advanced for its time (perhaps a littlle too advanced for the aircrews), and was a monumental leap up from the incumbent F-84/F-86. The intake design, razor thin wing, and the way the the wing was joined to the fuselage were incredible design achievements, and the area-ruled fuselage lead the way for many designs to come.

Once the bugs were sorted, the J79 also went on to become the benchmark military fighter engine for the next 15 years until the F-100-PW-100 (F-15A/B, F-16A/B) came along!


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