Re: JP8

Message posted by Richard Cliff on March 08, 2000 at 13:15:33 EST:

Basecamp is obviously being used as a diversionary and emergency airfield to Tonopah Test Range at the moment, seeing as there is alot going on at the moment :-)))

Security are not usually that bad, however they still do chase you now and then.
Theres usually some vehicles parked up,
Trucks, jeeps and normal cars...for the few people that actually work there.
The Fuel Truck has been there for months...

Not sure if the Fire Trucks are still there or not, sometimes they arte inside a building.
Or whether the fire extinguishers are placed down the runway, very rare to see that on any airfield.

I bet my money on it, that its currently supporting activities out of TTR and not Groom.

P.S Joerg, i will reply to your email tomorrow ok.

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