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Well the Basecamp is owned by Detachment 3 from Edwards AFB AFFTC and so is Groom Lake so Basecamp is DEFINATELY connected with Groom Lake.
However with the circumstances surrounding TTR at the moment, i still place my bets on it being an Emergency Diversional airfield for TTR Operations.
However, theres no doubt probably, that if an aircraft out of Groom did get into difficulty when he was up there near Warm springs he could use the airfield, but then again he would try it damn best to get back or to TTR.

What we need, is some evidence of what aircraft have landed there recently. Nothing i expect, and if so, probably only C-12's or equilivent or an MBB Bo105 or BlackHawk.... If something is landing there or has recently, it was probably at night.

The OLD trucks have been there since they were new, its nice to know they too are being replaced.
It seems also that the Security can show their faces to a 'camera' aswell.

Its Odd that the VOR was turned Off, probably some routine maintenance because this is used by lots of traffic out of SFO...of which you can view Basecamp and TTR quite easily by looking out of the window to the south.

You should of took a scanner with a Frequency Counter otherwise known as a sniffer. It has a range of a few hundred feet to a few hundred meters and would of sniffed out the Securities Freqs within a millisecond. You could of also picked up the whole Base Freqs as the Highway 6 is so close.
Would of been interesting to hear the Base chatter, whether or not they actually have a base commander on site is doubtful, i expect they chat to a commander either at Groom or TTR via Microwave link-up or SATCOM, possibly Secure(Green).

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