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Message posted by lone wolf on September 27, 2003 at 15:49:41 PST:

Vegas to Rachel is about two hours.

I'm planning on getting a charter for the same flight. When I get this figured out I'll do a trip report. It is not trivial in that you need to consult the notams to make sure the range is open. In theory, the notams only need 24 hour notice, but if you are in Vegas that shouldn't be a big deal.

There are a few tricks in renting the plane. It should be high wing and preferably without a strut. [Cessna 210 suggested] Retractable landing gear is suggested since that type of plane flies a bit smoother. You'll need a lens in the 100mm to 200mm range so that you don't get the plane in the photo. It has to be fast enough to get shutter speeds in the 1/500th to 1/100-th on ASA 100 film, stopped down at least one stop for full sharpness. You really should get a copy of Richard Eller's "Secrets of Successful Aerial Photography". There are aiming techniques that reduce the blur due to movement, tricks to reduce vibration from the plane, etc.

Flying out of North Las Vegas or Henderson was suggested by a pilot I know, since the cost starts when the prop start to spin. Even the extra airtime for Henderson would be nothing compared to the time waiting to take off at McCarran.

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