Re: Future Russian Fighter Designs

Message posted by Slick on December 29, 2002 at 0:20:00 PST:

Nikitin Nikolai, Yakolev, Sukhoi and a few others have been proposing, proposing, proposing....The Soviets are basically done, "put a fork in them." It's no surprise their STOVL planform looks like a cross between a few of our own, they and the Chinese have been doing this (stealing our designs) for years! Just take a look at their SU-27, Mig-29 and 31. Recently the Soviet Government (FINALLY) just gave RAK “MiG”, permission to go ahead with establishing it’s own A/C manufacturing company. To little to late I’m afraid for our “ruskie” comrades, but hey, they will continue to steal, just like the Chinese, everything new customers may need.

Its kind of a scary thought presently (if your the "other" guys) that the United States truly owns the WORLDS skies, BOTH from the air and orbit. That my friends is a comforting thought even though we did have our wake up call on 9/11. Our air vehicles will continue to have relentless air superiority till the end of time I feel.



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