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Message posted by Rocketfox on January 12, 2003 at 20:06:08 PST:

US Spy bastards? Possibly, but not all of them, some are genuine russians, trained and inserted years ago.

The "rules" of the "game" prohibit indiscrimanate shootings out of hand, with perhaps the exeption of if they were, or instance located past the signs of our favourite area of interest, where all the rules are slightly different. but..

the reasoning for that is that "it's not done" to prevent a bloodbath of reprisals against our agents or thier agents, or other countries agents involved in the gathering of Intelligence in a covert manner, which is illegal everywhere, but not only tolerated to an extent, but expected.

Usually, the penalties are arrest/capture, trial, and imprisonment, and perhaps later, exchange for an agent or agents of equal or greater value.

It's considered "bad form" to shoot them as the innocent and curious who just happen to look like they're engaged in a similar activity may get targeted in error.

It happens.

I know, the gut level thing is to shoot them on sight, but it's not a good idea in the long term. Also, later, the enemy de jour may the friend of the week. and scattered bodies have a way of causing some bad feelings later on.. that too, happens.

As for the agent for pay of the same country, that may pose a differentcase, if they're not associated with a particular country that want's them, Those types usually rot in jail forever, even if they cooperate.

It's a tought game, and a hard job, fraught with uncertainty and distrust, only for those with the morals and attitude that can carry it off successfully.

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