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Message posted by Magoo on December 30, 2002 at 15:27:27 PST:

Hang on... All this flag waving is great, but lets just have a reality check.

Can someone show me a Russian front line aircraft that is a copy of a former or current western design? I can't think of one.

In many ways, the Russians have led the way in fighter and other military aircraft design, and in radar performance. Where they have fallen behind is in manufacturing techniques (i.e. tolerances etc), avionics technology, and the lack of advanced materials.

* The MiG-25 first flew as a prototype in the early 1960's, 10 years before the F-15.

* The Su-27 was developed concurrently with the F-15, and when flown in the right hands, it and its later versions (Su-27 vs F-15A, Su-30/35 vs F-15C, Su-32/34 vs F-15E) are superior to the F-15 in almost all areas. Apart from the twin tails, there is little or no resemblance between these aircraft.

* The MiG-29 was developed to counter the F-16 and F/A-18, and apart from its lesser range and more austere avionics, is on a capability par. No resemblance here either.


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