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I'd make sure the GPS is WAAS enabled. It gives you a lot more accuracy.

The uploadable maps come in handy once in a while, but are not essential unless you are going to deviate from the planned route. I often plan a route, upload it to the GPS, and then find the road is undriveable. Having the built-in map lets you improvise on the fly.

The types of GPSs that can be uploaded with maps come in two flavors: built-in memory and memory cartridge. If you were to just use the GPS around the desert and had a garmin, 8 Mbytes would do fine. I could do the upload and save you the cost of buying the database (about $120). The Garmin Extrex Legend has 8meg of memory in it, and would do the job. There is also a $50 rebate at the moment. Check out the price at The garmin Etrex Legend does not accept a cartridge, so it will never have more than the built in memory. Note that the models that do accept memory cartridge (like the emap that I use), are not as rugged nor waterproof like the Etrex Legend. [I use 16 meg in my GPS.]

Chuck Clark has the next model up, bit it will look similar to the legend. I just checked the topo database, and you could fit all the topo information covering a rectangle from N38.49998 W113.49946 to N36.49809 W117.49474, which measure 217 by 138 miles, in 7.78Mbytes.

Looking at the completed Ebay sales on the Garmin Legend, buying new would cost less due to the rebate.

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