Message posted by gary on December 02, 2002 at 14:18:41 PST:

With the rebate, the extrex legend will be $150, versus $100 for the plain extrex (no rebate). You can always get the map CD rom later, or just have someone with a map CDROM upload your GPS. You don't have to use the mapping feature right away.

Regarding the mapping, I found it handy one time when I was off-roading in the area south of the Quinn range. I was heading back towards Rachel, but out of nowhere came a nasty storm (rain and lightning) ahead in the direction that would take me back to town. Using the built in maps, I was able to take a path to the ET highway not in the direction of the storm. I still had to go through the storm eventually, but at least it was on a paved road. Mud is not your friend when driving off road.

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