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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on April 13, 2002 at 23:34:44 PST:

Thanks for the information, Dave, and welcome to the Dreamland Resort discussion board. I am glad to see you here!

Yes, Maple 25, the Janet, took off on Runway 14 (as most Janets do, because it saves them a turn to Vegas). And the fastmover landed on 32, after doing a couple of low passes, also from the south.

Any idea what the reference to the fire department is about? The tower advised the taxiing Janet that the
"fire department does not have anyone there because they are waiting for the fastmover to land". To which the Janet pilot replied "Ok... Oh, we'll start without". Why would the Janet need someone from the fire department there, and why would the fastmover prevent them from being there?

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