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Message posted by Dave Bethke on April 13, 2002 at 11:45:51 PST:

Interesting audio clip. "Fastmover" and "Slowmover" generally refer to the approach speeds, with the usually 160 to 180 knots of a commercial jet, like the Janet flights, being "normal". The "arc" mentioned would be the intermediate segment of the ILS approach to runway 32. The radius of the arc is usually 15 to 20 nautical miles with the center being a VOR or TACAN navaid. A pilot follows the arc, using DME equipment, until about 10 degrees before intersecting the final approach course where he makes a turn to the final approach. What is interesting about this clip is that we now know a little bit about one of the instrument approaches to Groom Lake.

To me the scenario seemed to be that the "fastmover", Henry 68, was landing on Runway 32 and the Janet flight, Maple 25, was about to take off on Runway 14. The pilot of Henry 68, rather than hold up the Janet departure, elected to just do a low approach and come back around for a full stop landing. I guess he didn't want to delay the workers on their way home to dinner. :-) (BTW, "full stop" means land, exit the runway and taxi to park. It doesn't mean stopping on the runway.)


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