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Message posted by Magoo on April 15, 2002 at 0:12:19 PST:

They would probably also have fire trucks on the runway for any test flight of an aircraft that is not officially certified.

The local base here sends its fire truck/s out even for C-130 that is doing an engine test or for its first flight after an overhaul or some kind of heavy maintenance. As the test 'articles' at Groom are probably undergoing constant modification, it is likely the fire department there is on hand for most if not all test flights.

As for the Janets, the FD may also be responsible for FOD checks on the runways and taxiways, but may not have been available for this particular take off due to being on standby for the test flight. Being a desert location susceptible to dry and windy conditions, it is likely that the runways at Groom get tumbleweeds and other FOD on them which needs to be cleared frequently.


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