A-51 etc.

Message posted by Hal on March 11, 2002 at 11:08:00 PST:

Joerg wants us to get back on topic and I'll try. I became associated with this group only recently--happened on it by chance looking for an acquaintance of a year ago. When I signed on, I initially chose no name and ended up with posting name of Anonymous. That's OK, I guess, but then other anonymous posters might get confused with me. I'm not the one that posted recently seeking directions to the site--been there (inside) and don't really want to go back. Yes, I've been there (once), all the way to the runway--I was invited, but it was an unpleasant experience.
My previous postings were about stealth and black aircraft, but I have worked as a civilian with many military systems. I am a retired DoD engineer and I have been involved with various black projects over the years; many of these black aircraft have been reported as UFOs from time to time.
In reading some archival info (on this site) on Brilliant Buzzard, I wondered why no one mentioned Snow Bird--there was a joke in the community that it wasn't a 'black' project because the craft used white-colored thermal tiles. I last saw this aircraft in flight over Southern CA in late 1999.
As I told Joerg, I am more comfortable in answering questions than posting stuff--any questions??


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