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Message posted by Hal on March 12, 2002 at 8:09:32 PST:

As I understood it--I didn't work directly on the project, but had access to certain elements, payloads, etc.--it was a replacement for the SR-71. It had a higher cruise velocity, and a longer range.

There was some laughter in the community that Snow Bird was an outgrowth/evolution from Brilliant Buzzard (BB)--that's why I thought that BB might not be the official designation, just a name leaked for diversion. Whatever it's designation BB had twin vertical stabilizers, and resembled a flying wedge.

Snow Bird also had twin vertical stabilizers but they slanted inward and the craft that I saw up close (in model form) at the RCS facility had more rounded and curved features, but somewhat resembled BB. I once knew of someone who had taken a long telephoto photo of that model at the outdoor RCS range--I'll have to check and see if he still has it. He emailed it to me and asked me what it was, but I didn't print it out or save the email.

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