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Interesting story.
So what happened afterwards, did they call you back? was your contract terminated there and then, and what was your first thoughts on seeing the Have Blue, or didnt they let you 'think about it'.
Interesting how they made you work out in the heat at the end of a runway and taxi-ing the aircraft to you, and then continue to harrass you afterwards.

Obviously understandable why they wouldnt let you inside the hangers, but then again, were you actually able to see anything 'else' in the surroundings, or did those particular guides spring too much fear as not to look around at a glance.
I wonder if they were 'only' joking, if they let you work at the base, albeit outside well away from the 'nosey bits' then they must of expected you and your partner to see 'what was going on outside', and so they were probably joking. However back then, who knows.
I wonder how many 'contracted workers' have the same 'fear' put into them, and also wonder what sort of working conditions the contracted workers have in the current times. I should imagine security has been somewhat laxed from the 70s and 80s, but it would be interesting to know how particular 'outside' contractors are treated as opposed to the normal everyday 'commuter' into the base complex.
Just think if you were one of the base 'upkeepers' (maintenance), working outside all day, seeing many things. Do those same maintenance engineers work inside as well as outside, or do they have different 'higher security state' engineers inside as opposed to the ones outside.
Itwould be very interesting to be a 'Groom fire fighter' wouldnt it?

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