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Well, I wasn't a contracted person--I was an employee of the Department Of Defense, at a naval base in Southern Calif. At that point in my life I was a GS-12 and carried a military equivalent rank of Lt. Commander and a military ID, even though I was a civilian. Before I retired I became a GS-13 with an equivalent rank of Commander.

My boss got a call before I got back, but once I explained things to him, he backed me up. Have Blue later made an night time visit to our base where we conducted the tests. I had seen photos of Have Blue before I went to A-51 an had a file on its specifications. Seeing it was a surprise since the message didn't mention it.

As an aside, what we were sent to investigate was an antenna. Antennas on stealth aircraft can be a problem, since they will usually reflect signals in their operational band. Stealth designs usually involve a bent waveguide arrangement with special dialectric to prevent reflections.

What concerned me as the guides made their statement, was that it is human nature to look in the direction of a loud sound. And there were loud sounds coming from aircraft taking off and flying overhead.

I suspect that if you had the job of a Groom firefighter, that you'd have a shortened life expantancy, due to some of the stuff that has allegegly been burnt there!

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