Re: Camo Dudes pulling two men on bikes near gate

Message posted by Gerry on October 12, 2016 at 10:38:40 PST:

I'm guessing fake myself. The two motorcycles guys say "we're just Adventurer Travelers" a couple times, which is more or less the name of their website. This seems like a staged promotion.

Also, do cammo dudes really behave like that? I understand that is how wannabes and groupies think the dudes behave. Has anyone credible ever documented the dudes being abusive in the last ten years?

And third, I've taken a couple crappy screen captures of the front of the truck and the front bumper. I don't see a vehicle number on the driver side of the bumper as in WheresJanet's photo. It wouldn't have to be the same number, but I would think if they bought several Dodge pick-ups, they'd all get a vehicle number in the same place.

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