Re: Camo Dudes pulling two men on bikes near gate

Message posted by Gregos on October 12, 2016 at 16:06:24 PST:

I also paused the video when the truck passed the first time. It took a few times but it looked like a number on the bumper to me. I can't see one in the part where they exit the vehicle but the winch on the front is there. I don't know. He's clearly outside the Restricted Border but very close. I can see the Cammo Dudes thinking the first guy "broke the plane" and went into arrest mode. I'm guessing once he saw he was in the wrong, it was too late and just continued to go thru the motions to save face. But what do I know...

Also, every time I've been to that border, the Cammo Dudes have always showed up at some point. Even when going up to the F-4 crash site they sit on the hill on the opposite of the road. I think it would be hard to stage a Cammo Dude encounter with (fake?) guns without a real Cammo Dude showing up. That's a good way to get yourself killed. If it is a fake, they did a good job on Cammo Dudes and they're lucky to be alive!

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