Re: Camo Dudes pulling two men on bikes near gate

Message posted by Gerry on October 12, 2016 at 16:50:57 PST:

I've taken a 2nd look. There are three segments with a truck, and only the last one appears (to me) to obviously have number on the bumper.

1. Right at the beginning when the truck passes to the biker's left. I don't see a number. I've looked at it full screen, and taken a couple screen shots to blow up. But I'm just using the MS snipping tool to pull the image into a JPG so maybe I'm losing it in translation.

2. The truck parks diagonally across the road, and the dudes get out. That one is unknown. The resolution isn't sufficient as the truck is too far away form the camera.

3. As the bikers are leaving towards the end of the video. The first biker passes with the truck on his right. There is clearly a black section on the bumper above the driver's side light It is in the right place with the right dimensions and right orientation to be a set of numbers. I cannot clarify the resolution enough to make out actual characters.

I'm not posting the screen grabs as I don't have consent to report the content.

If this isn't faked, I'd like to know the chain of events leading up to this video.

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