Re: Camo Dudes pulling two men on bikes near gate

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on October 12, 2016 at 11:59:41 PST:

In my early years of going out there I did some pretty crazy stuff that I now regret. Still, never had an encounter like that in 18+ years.

On one occasion when I started hiking up Hawkeye Hill with the cammos parked on top they yelled at me: "Don't come up here" and "There's snakes down there". When I continued they simply backed up to just inside the boundary.

On another occasion I hiked along the border in a very remote (and touchy) part of the boundary. They drove up to me across the desert at a fairly high rate of speed and stopped abruptly a few feet from me covering me in dust. I said "I don't want any trouble" and that I knew where the border is. They mumbled something like "You are really pushing it partner!" and drove off.

I have been up to the same gate many times. One time I was in that area on my quad and came head to head with a cammo truck, outside the boundary of course. They backed into the brush to make room for me to get through, and when I waved "Thanks" they waved back as they usually do.

If this is real these guys need (and will receive) some serious coaching. But my money is definitely on fake.

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