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Message posted by Roger M on October 29, 2015 at 7:04:52 PST:

The wing and tail roots were definitely visible, although the heavy white plastic could result in me simply interpreting that they were wing and tail roots.

It was the convoy speed, the refusal to slow down despite my still moving and being somewhat "in the way", the three SUV's with lights flashing, etc.

It certainly could have been something other than an aircraft, but if I was putting money on it, I'd say aircraft.

It appeared too wide and long to be transported by air.

Transporting something innocuous like a wind turbine tower seems far more likely to happen on much wider, and much more accessible roads ... like I-15. Indeed, very wide loads are rarely allowed to travel OFF the Interstates.

The opaque white plastic wrap wasn't a quick "boat wrap", it was somewhat tailored to the item it contained, such that I could see some of the details I took to be wing roots.

I'm guessing of course, but if you follow those backroads North, you wind up at Dugway. They could make that trip from Dugway to Groom/Tonopah/Nellis almost entirely on lightly traveled roads.

But Dugway? ... nothing of note going on there aircraft related.

75 or 80 MPH speeds with an 80' long trailer on two lane roads don't (to me anyway) point to transporting something civilian oriented.

I could be wrong, but I was in the right neighborhood for such an occurrence.

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