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Message posted by Gregos on October 29, 2015 at 6:00:11 PST:

Did it look something like this?

This photo is from the J Supor & Son's website. They were the ones who trucked Capt Sully's Airbus A320 from NY to the Carolinas Aviation Museum where "Catcus 1549" is currently on display. The funny thing is there are not many photos of 1549 on their site. This is a Continental Jet being recovered.

However, If it was a black project going to Groom, they might have flown it in instead, etc. I once passed an airport jetway going north on HWY 93. I was sure Area 51 was going to get a proper terminal for the JANETs. In the next Area 51 imagery, there was no jetway to be seen. Who knows which airport it went to...

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