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Message posted by FosterVS on June 26, 2015 at 19:34:14 PST:

What challenge. I asked for confirmation of your claim that the military was now doing security, including "camo dude" duty. You still haven't, other than reference to a "quote from the United States Air Force from 2012"

Your magic info came from here:
The article is mainly regarding Nellis AFB.

"Congress issued a mandate that all Air Force bases discontinue security contracts by the end of September. Fortunately, the continuity that civilian security guards provide will not go away. Department of the Air Force police will replace contracted guards and work side by side with security forces."

Is Area 51 an Air Force base? Maybe so, maybe not. One of the camo dude's that was following me for 1/2 day in May had a white goatee, older gentleman. And as someone pointed out to me, "No beards in the USAF unless you get a religious exemption."

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