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Message posted by FosterVS on June 26, 2015 at 20:37:32 PST:

"Also with the beard thing you forgot to mention "special operators" with a profile have an exemption as well. Are they guarding Area 51? Probably not! USAF security forces are guarding Area 51...:Answer- Yes!"

He was driving a camo dude truck, ALONE. So I am fairly certain he was border security for Groom. Unless he was guarding the cattle. I have seen them patrol alone, and in pairs. Not "always driving around in pairs".

FYI - they run away if you approach them. I know this from the many times I have been there, and observed them retreat and keep a watchful eye. You been there? Not everything you read on the internet is fact.

Try searching for "security" here if you want a job with JT3:

Although, I have it on good authority that URS has the security contract now. You can check them out here, even apply!

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