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Message posted by WheresJanet on June 26, 2015 at 18:26:38 PST:

Well for starters did you know that up at TTR they have two different kinds of security. One patrolling the AF side of the house and the other patrolling the DOE Sandia Side. The AF side of TTR is USAF security and the DOE side are contractors... DOE side of TTR can get away with the contractors because congress didn't mandate DOE just the AF.

Wackenhut also changed their name to Centerra...FYI.

I am not trying to be rude whatsoever I just like to be factual. If you have something to prove me wrong then i'd me more than happy to apologize... Also I am sure you are aware of this but AF-OSI has a unit deployed at Area 51.

A magician never reveals his secrets...But I am pretty darn sure I am correct about this particular situation we are currently in discussion about...probably around 99.9%. BUT... I welcome the challenge.

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