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Message posted by WheresJanet on June 26, 2015 at 20:03:17 PST:

Well if you don't believe a mandate from the US congress then I have no choice but to put you on my conspiracy theorist list! And YES it sure is a USAF installation. Just like TTR is an annex of Nellis!

I suppose next time your out there you can approach a security officer and ask!

Also with the beard thing you forgot to mention "special operators" with a profile have an exemption as well. Are they guarding Area 51? Probably not! USAF security forces are guarding Area 51...:Answer- Yes!

Did it ever occur that maybe there is a loophole where the security can be 50/50? As I am sure you noticed most of the time they are always driving around in pairs.

I've also seemed to notice that you don't care to take the time to see the actual "missions" of these known "contractors" out at Area 51. Where does it state Installation Security as a job opening? We've all seen the job opening requiring a TS/SCI for the Janet stewardesses and or "glass cockpit" 737 pilots...

If you knew more about this subject we wouldn't even be having this lovely debate...

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