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Hi, Andreas

Sorry for explaining the "delta". This is the "U-2 companion" acknowledged a couple of years ago by the
head of DARO. It is designated (un-officially) the
F-121 Sentinel. No. It isn't built by Northrop, nor
is it powered by anti-gravity, as some reports have

The "F-121" designator would seem to indicate that there should be three other aircraft - i.e., F-118 thru
120. However, the numerical part of the designation
was applied in remembrance of the first A-12 Blackbird,
specically, tail number 121.

Same aircraft seen by Chris Gibson in August 1989 over
the North Sea. Same aircraft as seen by the Swiss Mountain Bat at Groom. Other sources have seen this
aircraft, but are too numerous to mention. I wish the
US Government would just go ahead and acknowledge the
thing. Its so frustrating, ya know.

Anyway, the wing sweep back angle is 65-degrees, not
75. It is a Mach 3+ bird, but alot more stealthy than
the SR-71 or A-12 Blackbirds. It is (or was) built by
General Dynamics (inside Building Complex 100 - i.e.,
Model 100) at Forth Worth, TX.

Its code name is Centennial. There are only a few of them, around four to eight aircraft. There is a photo
of the (NASA) wind tunnel model of this aircraft in the
Black Projects section of DLR. Other known and rumored
black project - the 65-degree delata, NASA image #
EL-1996-00149 (Langley). And last, but not least, it
isn't called Aurora nor is hypersonic.

Oh, yeah. It is a reconnaissance type (NRO/Air Intelligence Agency).


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