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Again, hello Magoo:

I'm more than happy to answer your questions or doubts.
Yes, this aircraft does exist. Yes, it is an SR-71
successor. About the "F" part of the designation. None of these F-110 through F-121 are official (except
the 117), as we all are aware of. However, being that
these "F" designation are un-officail, they have applied to numerous and different types of aircraft, not just fighter types.

These designation are given to Groom-based types mainly as flight test/evaluation purposes only. They are not meant to reflect the official USAF policy of designating its aircraft.

Again, the F-35 designation is another fluke; go figure that one. That aircraft should have been deginated the F-24 or 25.

Also, the U-2 companion (F-121 for the moment) was developed from the Model 100 (aka Sneaky Pete) - Sneaky Pete, if you will remember was covert spy flights conducted by another General Dyanamics aircraft, the RB-57F (program Black Knight). These
aircraft occupy the four hangars across the tarmac
from Hangar 18.


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