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Message posted by wolfbane on February 28, 2002 at 17:03:01 PST:

Hi, Andreas:

These "F" numbers beyond the F-111 (except YF-110, which was given to the acquired MiG-17R in 1962 - which crashed in Italy while on a low level spy flight)
are all un-official. The F-117 is the only designation to have been made official - because of some simple printing screw-up.

These number systems for special situations are a mixed
bag of tricks. Some re-used (such as the "117" number)
quite a lot. Yes, there some other numbers that have been assigned to certain projects, but can't say which.
Although I've heard the "Q-3" for Quartz (not the RQ-3
for Darkstar). The "Q-3" follows the old Q-2C semi-
stealthy Firebee drone in the early 60s. Also, there
has been something referred to only (as far as I've
heard) SX-1, which is associated with AOLO and EROS


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