Re: some MORE genuine questions...

Message posted by Magoo on March 01, 2002 at 13:45:59 PST:


* If the aircraft has been flying since the late 1980's as you suggest, then why not disclose its existance?

* Can you tell us in what theatres it has/may have been used?

* Does it perform over-flights, or is it able to perform its role from standoff/oblique flight profiles?

* Does it use optical sensors, SAR, ELINT, or a combination of some/all?

* How big is the aircraft (compared to an SR-71 for example)? What kind of engines does it use?

* Where else has the aircraft been based (e.g Diego, Guam, Kadena, Fairford, Moron, etc) or operated from?

* Why are you telling us this, and could you get in trouble for doing so?


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