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Message posted by Gregos on September 21, 2009 at 0:43:55 PST:

This question also comes up quite a few times a year and should be listed in the Area 51 FAQ -maybe it even is?

The Cammo Dudes are out there to provide the first line of security to protect the border of the base. They are instructed not to interact with visitors to the border unless they cross the line or do something else that violates the rules, etc. Since they don't interact with the local visitors, one would hope that they take their job very seriously and they conduct themselves in a professional manner. If you were at the GLR border and dear old Dad suffers a cardiac arrest, I would hope they would assist. They are human after all. I don't know if the "good samaritan" law applies in Nevada, so I'm not sure if they are obligated by law to assist. Now I'm just talking about medical attention, etc. If your car breaks down, you're screwed because crossing the border because of a flat tire is not an emergency. You are looking at a 17 mile hike back to the road if you don't have cell phone service.

Now as for the very slim chance you have a psycho serial killer stalking you, what do you think? Is Mr BTK, really going to wait for you to visit Area 51 to put his sick moves on you? Come on dude. However, I do consider that question to fall into the being prepared for any emergency in the desert. Being a resident of Nevada and the USA (local laws take precedence to 2nd amendment of the Constitution) I am a proud gun owner. I would not camp out there without one (most of the time, more than one) but that is just my right and personal choice. If my life is in danger, the person putting me in that position will have a lot more to worry about than the Cammo Dudes...

When in doubt, empty the magazine!

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