Anyone for shared supply caching?

Message posted by JB737 on October 10, 2007 at 14:31:53 PST:

Hi guys,

After my June Tikaboo trip, I ended up donating some supplies which I couldn't bring back home, to my hotel desk attendant. A large $6 can of fix-a-flat (prohibited even as checked baggage) and a lot of bottled water, 2.5 gallon water jugs, liter juice boxes and so forth which probably cost another $15.

If the weather is OK in December, I'm sure I'll waste at least that much stuff again, plus perhaps a shovel, tire chains and other stuff that I won't feel like carrying back.

So I've been thinking. Not that $20 or $50 per trip of wasted supplies will break me, but the 1/4 of my blood that is Scottish shudders at that, plus the lost opportunity to help others of like interests and hopefully have some stuff available for my own future trips.

I propose that we set up a few cache locations for use by each other, maybe with different categories, such as "come get it and take it home if you can use it", "use what you want to, to save carrying it up yourself", "take for emergency use only and put back if unused", and "for use only by those who contributed to/for it". Depending on category, we might post the cache location, or only give it out privately upon request/approval.

Maybe auto supplies and road repair tools near the seismic station; emergency hiking supplies near the low and high saddles; sandbags and camera-tripod-size bolts for clamping a camera down near the peak; etc.

Last but not least, we could also make the locations available to rescue personnel upon request.

I'd be willing to set up and publish a separate email address just to administer it from, if nobody else volunteers to be the point of contact for those parts of it which aren't just posted for all to see.




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