Fix a flat rules; caching/storage progress

Message posted by JB737 on October 12, 2007 at 0:58:27 PST:

Just to clarify, fix-a-flat isn't isn't allowed in checked baggage either. You can't legally get it on your flight as either type of baggage.


I've gotten up to speed on self storage availability and cost in Vegas for the sites with good online quoting. Basically, a 5x5 (x8 nominal height) room goes $200+/yr absolute minimum, more typically $300-$400 depending on how nice/convenient a location you want. And if you want access directly from your car, or a unit on the ground floor indoors with AC, think toward the high end or beyond. Once you're at the high end of price, then additional size starts looking like a bargain, too.

I will investigate the unpublished side of it....dealing with the "call us for current rates, ask about specials" alternative, plus callling a sampling of places which have a totally useless web presence but might be OK places anyway.

Saving drinks (short of a large amount of good booze) and fixaflat alone doesn't cost justify getting a storage room individually, or maybe even for a group, when just hiding the stuff under a bush at known coordinates would do the trick quite well. I doubt the annual pilferage of water would exceed the rental cost, and it would be less hassle to accomplish even if the costs were comparable. :-)

But as you get farther into leaving tools or hiking/photo/luggage/clothing/electronic items in Vegas, storage makes more and more sense. Frank chose a good size and price of locker/cube for his needs, but there is hardly anything like that available online: you have to call and ask individual places if they have spaces smaller than a 5x5 room.

I suspect the final solution will involve both: renting storage individually or within tight groups, plus outdoor caching both secretly for a trusted group; and at published coordinates for others; and perhaps some schemes inbetween those two as well.


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