Fossett search

Message posted by Joe on September 10, 2007 at 20:55:24 PST:

Wondering if anyone here is involved in the search for Steve Fossett? I see where Google is sending out satellite imagry for volunteers to look at.

Heard a news story a few days ago that the search is hampered by the amount of restricted airspace around the area where he may have crashed.

(I wonder ( along-shot, I know), for example, if he might have just learned he had only 3 months to live, if he would have intentionally flown into our favorite base?)

Also saw the following:

"The Archer has been instrumental in the discovery of at least eight previously unnoticed plane wrecks in the rugged Sierra Nevada region. Those wrecks will be examined more closely once the Fossett search ends, officials said."

Peter, had you already found them? Or is all of Nevada littered with previously unknown aircraft wreckage?!?



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