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Message posted by psiuh88 on September 11, 2007 at 19:02:52 PST:

I went through a couple of the small areas they give you, but I think the resolution of the satellite photo is just too poor to pick out wreckage from a plane as small as a citabria. being that the plane is largely fabric covered, there could potentially be nothing bigger than a few square feet, depending on the attitude the plane was in when in impacted with the ground (if it truly did).
I think its more of a feel good thing rather than a useful search activity (using googel earth)

I was kind of thinking along the same line, that he wanted to dissappear, but maybe went across the border. I though it might not be possible with the citabria, but it is only about 450 miles direct to the border. it may be possible as the citabria has a range of about 500 miles, with a full tank of gas.

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