Rock or plane?

Message posted by JB737 on September 11, 2007 at 21:54:14 PST:

I did find one Fossett possibility that I reported while using the search for him:
38.73492 -119.02527

Having updated my GE installation to have the post-Fossett photos, I'm not sure how to get to the older photos of that area, but if anyone here can, please do so for comparison to see if it was there before, or just a blank hillside.

Likely it is a rock sticking out of the steep hillside, but it is shaped rather like a plane, and is exactly the size and color predicted. There are "wings" albeit in delta configuration not found on an intact Bellanca/Citabria, and it looks less like a rock (whiter, more articulated, etc) than the 3 similar but far more colorful rocks on the next hill over. At the right horizon tilt angle while rotating the view, the impression of an airplane is there, more so than for any other rock I came across in many square miles of searching.

It isn't in a spot where it would make sense to attempt an emergency landing, or easily get trapped into...but I once watched a crow spin into a pond with only one functional wing, presumably not his choice of the perfect place to crash and/or die either. If it's a plane, something major was wrong, not just a routine forced landing.

I'm hoping it is a rock or an old mil wreck for Peter to explain, and that the guy just flew away to start a new life, leaving us with newer Google Earth satphoto coverage of Nevada, several old wrecks newly found, and increased public awareness of aviation archaeology.


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