Re: R4808N Airspace NAVAIDS & Fixes

Message posted by blade75769 on January 06, 2007 at 14:08:43 PST:

I'm a pilot for a DOD contractor so I thought I would see what I could find out on the subject. Using all of our charts/approach plates/gps the only thing that I could find for certain is that LIDAT intersection is at N37 25.81 W117 16.68. There is also an airway that enters from the north side of R-4806W and goes directly to the Indian Springs VOR at N36 35.1 W115 40.21. I am willing to bet there are some named fixes on this airway, but there was nothing on my chart. The only thing close to PYRAMID I could find was a PIRMD intersection on the COWBOY 2 departure out of Las Vegas. It is straight off runway 25L at 6 miles. All the other fixes must be on a chart or approach plate that only the military would have access to. I have to make a safe assumption that the Janet pilots have plates for an arrival, a departure, and the instrument approaches into Groom. TEDDY could be the FAF (final approach fix) on the ILS into 32 and if so would be about 5 miles straight out from the runway. Typically 5 miles out is where you intercept the glideslope for a 3 degree descent. Same could be said for the PYRAMID NDB if it is on the north side of the field. I also think it's safe to assume that is LAS290020 means 290 degrees off LAS VOR at 20 miles. I have never been given a clearance like that before but I have filed to a fix before and been given the coordinates instead of the fix name in the clearance. This being said I'm sure that the Janet pilots have to have arrival/departure/approach plates for the area and I'm sure there are charts that have all the military routes and fixes on the routes for the whole area. Anyone ever try to file a FOIA to ask for approach plates for Groom? I would think that there would have to be something, but I guess until a Janet pilot hands them out we may never know. Will keep an eye out though

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