Re: R4808N Airspace NAVAIDS & Fixes

Message posted by lone wolf on January 10, 2007 at 13:07:49 PST:

The LF beacon doesn't have to be a NDB. It could be a LF marker beacon. Not very common, but not unheard of. I don't see the need for a NDB when you are in range of the VOR.

As an aside, based on my last purchase of FAA records, the 737 Janets are not GPS equipped, so they do need to use ILS. The Beech Janets, perhaps because of the less routine flights they make, are GPS equipped.

I have the ability to document the time and altitude of the aircraft at for each transmission. Just something to put on the to-do list.

Now the TTR and Basecamp have NDB and VOR. [I use VOR, though it could be VORTAC.] However, the NDB at the TTR dates back to when the DOE had the facility, i.e. Sandia installed it. I haven't completely DFd it, but it sits north of the base, i.e. not near the runways. The NDB at Basecamp is another story. It has all the weather information on it, which the VOR doesn't (I think, but need to double check). It may be due to the hilly terrain that they chose to put the weather on the basecamp NDB. The basecamp NDB antenna is just wire strung between poles, not the kind of thing you would want near an airport.

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