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Message posted by Salty on January 10, 2007 at 9:31:51 PST:

Finally dug out my password so I can throw my lengthy 2 cents in.

Jeorg, the disturbed patch I think you're referring to 3710'21.98"N 11546'19.41"W (on Google Earth), which I'm positive is the outer marker site(measuring about 35 x 20 ft.). This is actually in line with the old runway, 3.6 miles from the touchdown point on 32L.

If you look carefully at the Google Earth image, you can see the shadow of something tall on the ground and partially crossing the building, likely an antenna.

I've long suspected this may be the true location of the beacon PYD, as this would be a good fix for aircraft to get to the ILS approach. The DET 3 security manual refers to the "BLDG AT EXTREME SOUTH OF SITE" as Beacon. That's the most southern building I can see, and that may be a very good clue that PYD is there. I don't know if this site is visible from Tikaboo, but it might be worth looking at.

As for the fix Pyramid, I'd be surprised if that and PYD are different, as this could lead to confusion. On the other hand, I'm not convinced Pyramid is in line with the runway. This came from another site:

Razor 09 Razor 09 coming in overhead Pyramid for left base 32.

Tower Razor 09 report the gear down, sir.

Razor 09 and verify the status of bravo foxtrot and the ILS

Tower ILS is out of service. Foxtrot bravo is open.

Razor 09 k you.

Razor 09 Razor 09 turning 4 mile final with the gear checked.

The problem is we don't know what the elapsed time between these transmissions are. What I can tell from this (and other recordings) is Pyramid is at or near where the tower asks to report the gear down, so I assume this must be close to the turn to final approach.

For FIDOE and SHOWW, I estimated those positions a short while ago from a number of flightaware tracks (when the transponder was left on longer than usual), and they're very close to Jeorg's fixes, so they still appear to be in the same location as previously published.

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