Possible Entries and Other Sorts

Message posted by GMAN586 on December 05, 2006 at 22:19:38 PST:

Roger that! Ok I have a few questions for I was stationed out in 29 Palms California which sits right on the border with California, and I have to say there were some areas out there, that were just plain weird. Like the Restricted Mountain ridges that were blasted to have a blended in sheer cliff and are only accessable by helo. Now looking at these things from a far all you see is just a small black or sometimes mettalic building out there, anyone with any idea enlighten my grunt self on what this might be. Also, the restrited airspace over certain parts of impact areas that contain buildings built into small mounds of sand. If anyone can enlighten me on those it would be greatly appreciated.

Also I got a DOD sticker on my car and Ive noticed that everytime you folks fool around the borders of Nellis Test Range, you always get flagged down by some POG Army MP that tells you to turn around, this is not the way to HWY 265 and sends you on your way. Now if say you had a DOD sticker....would they even think on stopping you or would they let you on past.

Just some food for your brains and mine.

Thanks again.



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