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Message posted by Joe on November 20, 2006 at 9:46:39 PST:

It was brighter than headlights, seemingly higher in the sky, and not something we saw again (despite hearing the occasional car go by). Seemed to be above the clouds behind us, but went out just as I turned around to look.

What I was wondering is, with all the traffic going into the base in the morning, do the camo dudes go out there regardless of who is coming up the road? Or do they know via the sensors miles out which car is an employee's and which are tourists -- and then only go out if a tourist is headed their way?

And, while I'm wondering, do you know where the limit is for camping on BLM land without them having to spend the night in their truck on that hill? I assume camping just off of HWY 375 doesn't trigger an all night vigil for them (as opposed to camping out next to the border for the 50th anniversary, which did).

Joe (who given a choice would just as soon perfer to camp where I don't cause some poor guy to have to stay up all night guarding me)

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