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Message posted by Joe on November 20, 2006 at 12:50:09 PST:


Doesn't that seem odd? If the intention is to minimize interest in the base, it seems to me a 24/7 guard shack at the border with a minimum wage employee to direct folks to turn around, and pass those with authroity to be there; followed up by something more intense just around the bend would create LESS interest in the base.

Having those guys out in the field 24/7 (if indeed that's the case, and they don't go out into the filed only after a sensor somewhere on the GLR goes off), suggests there's something there worth becomming a Vegas like "show."

Wright Patterson doesn't get people camping out on its border (as far as I know).

Are there other places like this with a cammo dude-like response, rather than a fence and guard shack?

(I was wondering about that while camped with our son and his BS Troop on Topaz Mountain, not too far from the southern border of Dugway yesterday.)


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