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Message posted by lone wolf on November 20, 2006 at 18:49:24 PST:

They don't send the chopper to greet me at Bald Mountain. They got tired of me photographing and videotaping it. I tried parking in spots where the cameras can't see me, just to make security more anxious, but still no chopper.

I wonder if the at the time when they were sending the chopper that perhaps their road was washed out.

I have seen the pass near Bald Mountain used by aircraft other than security. I saw a B52 come out that pass once. A few years ago when they were flying what was believed to be UAVs at night, they would exit out the pass near Bald Mountain (just to the north of it). The route included Mt. Irish, a pass over the power lines, Tikaboo, then it would go out of sight. I don't believe these were Groom Lake flights, but rather UAV training. It seemed like they avoided flights over Groom.

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