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Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on July 10, 2006 at 20:51:48 PST:

That link is an old, old lousy article that I wrote (in 1997) as a rebuttal against the notorious POPULAR MECHANICS article written by Jim Wilson.
Since 1997, Area 51 has expanded even more.
If you really need to be updated on how active Area 51 is and how much it has expanded, you need to rush to your local Border's Bookstore or Barnes and Nobles or any major bookstore RIGHT NOW and grab the June issue of British aviation magazine, AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED. Joerg Arnu has done a magnificent job in the June issue of that magazine (which just arrived in major bookstores) in giving an unprecedented, close-up tour of the present-day Area 51 base.
It's probably the best, detailed description of present-day Area 51 that has ever appeared on any magazine anywhere.
You need to get it right now. It's as simple as that.

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