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Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on July 10, 2006 at 21:25:26 PST:

The article that Joerg Arnu wrote only appears on the June issue of AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED, not in COMBAT AIRCRAFT.
Yes, I did see the July issue of COMBAT AIRCRAFT with the same panoramic photos provided by Joerg. (I am not even sure if Joerg is aware that COMBAT AIRCRAFT also uses Joerg's panoramic photos).

Besisde, COMBAT AIRCRAFT's article was written by a totally different person. The article written by Joerg Arnu in AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED is far better than COMBAT AIRCRAFT to me in the sense that Joerg's article goes into the specific descriptions of the base (I guess I am biased.....LOL).

The article in COMBAT AIRCRAFT is basically a history of Groom Lake (not that the history of the base is not important) and does not go into the specific, close-up description of present-day Area 51, as Joerg has done in AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED.

The article written by Joerg Arnu in AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED is unquestionably the best, most updated, close-up description of the base ever printed in any magazine.
The quality of the print paper of AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED seems to be better. Besides, AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED also makes abundant use of the recent satellite images of the base by Digital Globe, if I am not mistaken.
The close-up satellite image in AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED is the best I have ever seen anywhere.

Oh, well, then..........
Just get both magazines!! LOL

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