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Message posted by Jason on July 11, 2006 at 10:30:48 PST:

It is nice to see that Aircraft Illustrated has relied on Joerg and Dreamlandresort as a source for accurate reporting on Area51 as it exists today.

What alot of outside parties have yet to understand is that this site is filled to the brim with factual information concerning the base, geographics, avionics intelligence, historical, & other arenas as it pertains to flight systems, testing, development, and implementation. Of course there has been conspiracy marked over the years, as it should be - this is the Government :)

Dreamlandresort is not a clubhouse for storytelling around the campfire. Although we may be a thorn in the rear end of the base though LOL. Seeing Norio's comments on here, reminded me of something - I have a tape of a documentary with Norio on it! 'UFO Diaries' I believe? I'll have to look....

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