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Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on July 11, 2006 at 20:28:17 PST:

Jason, I highly advise you not to see or even get hold of any of those old videos. It is absolutely useless. They are junk. It is a waste of time and I am so ashamed that I was even involved with such trashy items year ago.
I have long abandoned any such viewpoints, as I have stated time and time again these few years and asked the forgiveness of the public of my former conspiratorial beliefs and outlooks on life.
I have totally changed my views on things since a few years ago when I became an ardent supporter of Area 51 as a vital base. Meeting Joerg Arnu in San Jose a few years ago was definitely a beginning of drastic change in my viewpoints of things.
Once again, I hereby apologize to the tens of thousands of people that I may have influenced during my immature days of conspiratorial beliefs regarding Area 51, even though I have been a total UFO skeptic for many many years already.
So, once again, Jason, I apologize for anything that I
have done in my past and my recommendation to you or anyone here is that please NEVER EVER get hold of ANYTHING that I had done before. Please!!!!!!! Never ever get hold of any old videos that I may haved made years ago or may have involved in. I threw away every single piece of videos and junk that I have ever done years ago.
I have been a total skeptic for quite some time already. I wish once again to make my position clear: I am a total skeptic on conspiracies and also I am a total skeptic on beliefs in UFOs as the public perceives them.
My religious views are a different matter and is a private matter.
Thanks so much!!

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