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From listening to ATC in and around military airbases this would be my guess as to how the Janets and others would transition to and from the bases inside the R space.
A Janet would file his flight plan and receive his clearance. In this clearance he receives two transponder squawk codes one for civilian airspace and the other for the “military airspace”. He would also receive frequencies for the civilian and military controllers. The clearance would be to a fix in civilian space and then transition to an airport or another fix in the R or MOA space. On file with the military controllers would be the route and destination for the A/C to fly. When enroute the civilian ATC would tell Janet 123 to contact Nellis which would also mean to change to the military squawk code thus disappearing from civil tracking, as the codes could be filtered. The same procedure would be reversed on return. This would be my guess on how the A/C would operate.

The “K” in and airport identifier designates the airport has the ability to process international flights. In the civil world that would mean a presence of US Customs and Immigration departments. What “K” means for military, I would have to research a bit.

On my Garmin GPS Groom is “Homey”. How lame is that?


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