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(snipped in the interest of brevity)

My reply was really about why on these tracking websites you see these flights disappear.

the tracking sites and civilian radar gets no more data. And with no data to keep updating these websites just show the flight stopped in midair and so they timeout after the schedule arrival time. Hence why you see these flights disappear.

That seems to be on the mark, but is it due to "filtering", or due to the fact that the civilian tracking sites don't know what/where KTKM is? The fact that part of the flight path is visible would seem to indicate that the disappearance is due to the handoff to military control within the box.

It seems to me that even without a civilian squawk ident, these aircraft would still be showing up on civilian radar. Again, maybe I'm missing the point, but it seems they would still be "trackable"...unless there is a dedicated mechanism (or procedure)in place to prevent it.

I'm not into conspiracy theories, but this might qualify on a small scale basis. Or not, I'm just thinking out loud...;)

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