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Ok so this tie-in facility reference for KTKM.
Take a flight that going to KTKM flied with KTKM in the flight plan and knowing this is a tie-in facility. Then this would mean that the flight plans would be transferred from Las Vegas air traffic control to Nellis approach. Then Nellis would transfer this flight plan up to KTKM via the tie-in as the aircraft moved through the airspaces.
Is that how this tie-in facility would work? I'm trying to understand this. And my guess would be that this tie-in happens between Nellis and KTKM. Thatís maybe why the radar tracking sites lose the Janet flights just after takeoff. But I wonder how it works on the way back because they appear back on the tracking sites at or around Mercury. Could this maybe be that KTKM transferred the flight data down to Nellis? Then Nellis transfers it back to Las Vegas ATC. But that makes me wonder why to see more of there flights on the way back than we to going up there. Do you guys think maybe it has to do with getting the planes down and worked in to the civilian airspace to land at Las Vegas? So could it be that Nellis dumps this flight data back to Las Vegas ATC sooner and in doing that we see them feather out from Vegas when there on the way back to Las Vegas?

But maybe again I have misunderstood this whole tie-in facility.

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